Palliative Care

“It was such a balm to have the client at home and not stuck on a hospital ward”

“It was such a balm to have the client at home and not stuck on a hospital ward”

Our Client’s Story…

The client’s family member contacted Cavendish Homecare while the client was in hospital due to a chest infection. The family member was “keen to seize that chance for them to be back home”. The client’s medical team saw a small window where it was suitable to discharge them for palliative care, as there was little the hospital’s palliative care team or local hospices and services could provide.

The client had a history of Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and heart failure. After being admitted to hospital and having several falls during this time, the client and their consultant agreed in line with the client’s wishes if suitable care was in place, the client could be safely cared for in their own home for end-of-life care.

The Cavendish Approach…

The client’s family were having difficulty finding suitable and continual palliative care locally and then they contacted us at Cavendish Homecare and we were able to assist, to the family’s reflief.

Following an assessment by one of our Nurse Managers, a bespoke care plan was put together and it was determined that the client required 2 nurses with them, due to the complexity of their mobility and medical needs. The nurses worked 12-hour shifts – a day and night shift, providing total day coverage.

Our nurses ensured that the client was always kept comfortable and that all medications, such as Morphine, were administered accordingly to reduce any pain. Initially, the client also needed to be repositioned every 4 hours to reduce bed sores and skin breakdown. The nurses encouraged the client to participate in daily activities such as taking short walks around the house, sitting in their reclining chair while doing crosswords, and completing personal care, helping to prolong the client’s independence and quality of life.

As the illness progressed, the client was no longer able to use their Zimmer Frame and they became fully dependent on our nurses with assistance from a hoist. A catheter was inserted and the client then commenced on a syringe driver for their medications – keeping the client pain-free during this end-of-life period.

Throughout the care provided, our nurses practiced The Lantern Model by ensuring that the client was kept as comfortable and pain-free as possible and that they were central to all care decisions. The client’s family was kept up to date with all developments and was encouraged to prepare for the client’s passing.

The Final Days…

The client passed away peacefully in 2022 surrounded by family. Our nurses were present and supported the family every step of the way, everyone had worked together to ensure the client’s wishes to remain at home were fulfilled.

The client’s family was extremely grateful that Cavendish Homecare was able to facilitate end-of-life care for the client.


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Nurse M is just fantastic

Nurse M is just fantastic – we are so pleased to have her and she is looking after my mum with such great care.

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They are both so wonderful

I am very happy with the service and professional care received for my wife from Carer L and Carer G. They are both so wonderful and supporting and may this continue for the foreseeable future.

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Two wonderful and talented carers

I wish to emphasize that my parents are being looked after extremely well in a very happy environment by your two wonderful and talented carers, Lucy & Lea.

Granddaughter with her Grandparents in a nursing home