Celebrating 12 years of Cavendish Homecare

May 31, 2022 Uncategorized

Celebrating 12 years of Cavendish Homecare

On Tuesday 24th May, everyone at Cavendish Homecare Professionals had a lovely evening celebrating our 12-year anniversary alongside our incredible team and lovely guests who have all supported us on our journey. Registered Nurse Manager RN and Founder, Mairead Liston, delivered a speech to mark this great milestone. This was then followed by a lovely speech from one of our guests, Dr Ann Coxon, congratulating Cavendish Homecare on its journey. We look forward to celebrating many more years of Cavendish Homecare.

Mairead Liston, Registered Nurse Manager RN and Founder

“Thank you everyone for coming here today to celebrate our 12-year anniversary. This has been possible because of our dedicated team and excellent Nurses and Carers that deliver day and night for us. They have been really great and supportive.

One of the most challenging times was the pandemic which started in March 2020. With the professionalism and the dedication of my team we were able to still deliver exceptional care. We have received feedback from several of clients to say that they have been very well cared for.

We are well placed to deliver the best care for our clients including; cancer care, private nursing care, dementia care, palliative and end of life, post-operative care, paediatric with complex care needs and mental health care.”

Dr Ann Coxon, Consultant Physician 

“I have watched Mairead with great admiration. She has developed a company that is not only at the absolute cutting edge of compassion standards and excellence but she has developed a team that also delivers efficiency. Compassion is at the center of this organisation.

For the patient all of the anxiety goes away because you know there is someone knowledagble, vigilant, and kind who is absolutely there to make sure everything is ok and you can relax. Congratulations on this wonderful company, for everything you have achieved and continue to achieve.”



Maggie Candy, Nursing Consultant RN and John’s Campaign Ambassador

“Cavendish Homecare has constantly evolved its services to exceed expectations in delivering outstanding home care.

Its success with innovative projects that promote best practice includes the dementia-led “John’s Campaign” and piloting the new international “Lantern Model” of Palliative / End of Life care.

This dynamic nursing leadership has been nationally recognised with the prestigious Department of Health Silver Chief Nurse award, (Mairead Liston)  Cavell Star  (for the whole team) plus three London finalist’s in the Great Britsh Care Awards including Care Manager / Care Team and winner/national finalist (Maggie Candy) for Dignity in Care.”

Our Rebrand

We would like to say a special thank you to BPL Marketing who worked with us on the rebrand and new website. We feel that the new look truly reflects our brand and message.