Mobile robo-surgeons and keyhole surgery

November 12, 2020 New Research

Mobile robo-surgeons and keyhole surgery

What is keyhole surgery?

Keyhole surgery, also known as laparoscopy, is a type of surgical procedure. The procedure allows a surgeon to access parts of the body without having to make large incisions in the skin.

When is keyhole surgery used?

Keyhole surgery is most commonly used in:

  • Gynaecology – the study and treatment of conditions affecting the female reproductive system
  • Gastroenterology – the study and treatment of conditions affecting the digestive system
  • Urology – the study and treatment of conditions affecting the urinary system

How can robots surgeons help?

Keyhole surgery allows complicated surgeries to be carried out with just a few access cuts. Therefore, the patient’s recovery time and potential risk of infection are reduced.

Surgeons have implemented robot surgeons to assist with keyhole surgeries. However, these remote-controlled robots that can perform this type of surgery are often very large, expensive and not widely available.

Versius robot

A UK-based company, CMR Surgical, has unveiled a new robotic surgery system named the Versius robot. The Versius robot offers an advantage over the American counterpart, the da Vinci. This is because it is smaller, more versatile and flexible. Furthermore, the modular arms are quick and easy to set up. This means it can be used in more operations and help to drive cost-saving and increase productivity across hospitals.

Being able to move the Versius robot across theatres in hospitals, allows the surgeons to get more use out of one machine. Further to this, surgeons are aiming to have the robot surgeons shared between hospitals. Because they are small enough to be packed up and loaded onto trucks.

Moving the Versius robot between hospitals creates greater convenience for the patient needing keyhole surgery. This is because they would not need to travel far distances to access it.

How can Cavendish Homecare help?

At Cavendish Homecare, we provide Post-Operative Care utilising the clinical skills and experience of registered nurses and carers. If you are looking for post-operative care at home, please call our Homecare team on 0203 008 5210 or email us to see how we can assist your recovery. Our registered nurses can personalise your care to suit your individual needs during your convalescence.