Home care in Camden

Discover the personalised home care solutions brought to you by our committed team, now covering Camden and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Tailoring our exceptional services to individual needs, we fill the gaps in local care services. We can provide dependable private nursing and care around the clock, encompassing both day and night, and offer the flexibility of full-time live-in arrangements.

Our commitment is focused on providing exceptional assistance and flexibility, ensuring that our services seamlessly align with your requirements, complementing any existing care arrangements currently in place.

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Why choose Cavendish for home care in Camden?

Choosing to stay in the familiar surroundings of your home throughout your recuperation period will bring essential benefits to your overall well-being. We know the benefits of remaining at home during treatment, post operative or when facing health changes. You can continue to cherish moments with your friends and family as you stroll around Regents Park or take in the breathtaking view of London from the top of Primrose Hill. The ability to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Camden Market, whether it’s grabbing a coffee or exploring the shops, contributes to a sense of normalcy and freedom while receiving the necessary care.

Working closely with expert teams from hospitals like St Pancras, The Wellington and Royal Free Hospital, as well as working with local clinics and GPs in Camden, we collaborate closely with you and your medical team to prioritise and optimise your health.


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We will provide the specialist home care services you need…

Following a hospital stay, Private Nursing serves as a crucial support system for those in need of specialist home care in Camden and it’s surrounding areas. Our highly skilled private nurses will carefully monitor your medical conditions and promptly address any concerns that may arise.

In palliative and end-of-life care we prioritise well-being and ease for you and your loved ones. Our dedicated team provides unwavering support and strives to preserve dignity, creating a comfortable environment throughout this poignant journey.

For those navigating cancer care, trust in our specialised home care services, tailored to your unique needs. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care with flexibility, offering comprehensive support that ranges from intermittent assistance to intricate around-the-clock care.

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Discover our live-in-care solutions. Our committed team of carers and nurses are ready to provide adaptable support across Camden, responding to your evolving care requirements around the clock. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining independence within the comfort of your home, whilst respecting your daily routines.

Choose our post-operative care for a smooth transition following surgery or hospitalisation. Our proficient team of registered nurses and carers guarantees a safe return to your home, aiding in the readjustments process and offering continuous support throughout your recovery path.

For neurological care, our customised services address the individual needs of both adults and children dealing with neurological conditions. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, we formulate a plan the incorporates advanced training to expedite recovery and enhance overall well-being.

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Fully Regulated by CQC

Guided by the Care Quality Commission, our commitment to to delivering exceptional care while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety is underscored by achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating in care and an overall ‘Good’.


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Home care is available to those seeking assistance with daily activities, medication management or recovery support. This proves advantageous for individuals desiring to stay within the comfort of their homes in Camden or for those considered well enough to be discharged from the hospital.

Yes, our exceptional live in nursing and care team is available throughout Camden. They skillfully manage household tasks, provide companionship, assist with medication management, engage in social activity and support daily living. The flexibility of our live-in service is a distinct advantage – our dedicated nurse or carer will tailor their schedule to seamlessly align with your day-to-day needs.

Our skilled nursing managers can swiftly guide you through the creation of a customised care package, in some cases within 12 hours. Acknowledging the ever-changing nature of health circumstances, we recognise the importance of a timely response.

Ensuring adherence to the highest standards, our nurses are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and undergo annual mandatory and medication training. This commitment ensures their proficiency and capability, ultimately guaranteeing the well-being and comfort of our clients.